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Introductory Python Course

A python certification for data science class for computer-literate people with no programming background who wish to learn basic Python programming.

Introduction to Python Programming
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Python Introductory Class

The course is aimed at those who want to learn “data wrangling” – manipulating downloaded files to make them amenable to analysis. We concentrate on language basics such as list and string manipulation, control structures, simple data analysis packages, and introduce modules for downloading data from the web.

Unit 1: List manipulation
  • Simple values and expressions
  • Defining functions, using ordinary syntax and lambda syntax
  • Lists
    • Built-in functions and subscripting
    • Nested lists
  • Functional operators: map and filter
  • List Comprehensions
  • Multiple-list operations: map and zip
  • Functional operators: reduce
Unit 2: Strings and simple I/O
  • Characters
  • Strings as lists of characters
  • Built-in string operations
  • Input files as lists of strings
  • Print statement
  • Reading data from the web
    • Using the requests package
    • String-based web scraping (e.g. handling csv files)
Unit 3: Control structures
  • Statements vs. expressions
  • For loops
    • Variables in for loops
  • if statements
    • Simple and nested if statements
    • Conditional expressions in lambda functions
  • While loops
    • break and continue
Unit 4: Data Analysis Packages
  • NumPy
    • Ndarray
    • Subscripting and slicing
    • Operations
  • Pandas
    • Data Structure
    • Data Manipulation
    • Grouping and Aggregation


* Tuition paid for part-time courses can be applied to the Data Science Bootcamps if admitted within 9 months


Customer Reviews

I started this program with absolutely Zero coding background. I was a little skeptical about signing up this program. However, school prep you 2 coding languages (Python and R) from scratch. Instructors are very friendly and helpful, students can reach instructors easily if you have questions. After the 4 weeks intensive basic coding training, i was able to understand and build a strong base for the advanced topic such as, Machine Learning, Visualization. There were 4 projects needed to be completed in order to finished the program. The data we acquired for final capstone project was from the company in leading industries. I would say this school opened a door for you in the data world and help you land your dream job in the future.

Haining Fu, Fellow, NYC Data Science Academy

I attended the Introductory Python course. I really enjoyed this class and after just one month I feel like I have strong foundation of Python. (I had no coding experience prior taking the course). Classes were a combination of theory and practice. Anthony<span class="read-more"> Schultz did a great job with covering all necessary course material and making it interesting and funny!

Rafal Zabrinsky
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Reasons to Enroll


Our instructors are consistently highly rated by their students.  They not only know their subject cold, they are experts at teaching you.


Our curriculum is continuously updated to reflect the latest technology trends.


Learn on the latest technology.  When you complete this course, you will have a solid foundation in python and the use of the tools.

Sam obtained their Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Bard College, while dabbling in some computer science classes along the way. After school, they decided to make a break from traditional academic life, and worked for several years doing carpentry for places like West Elm, and events like Shakespeare in the Park. Eventually they would turn to the field of Data Science, wherein a passionate blend of creative and analytical thinking can lead to some robust outcomes. They’ve worked in industry building models for Fortune 500 companies that ease the hiring process, and allow for interviewees to be more than just their resume. Their interests include reading, sewing, carpentry, painting, understanding systems, and communicating information effectively to others.

Sam Audino, Data Science Bootcamp Instructor

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Completing the Introduction to Python course is no small achievement.  It signifies to the world that you successfully learned the foundational python programming skills you will need to progress onto the more advanced Python skills and ultimately, completion of our Data Science Bootcamp.

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